Resin Encapsulated Busbar System (REBS) Cast Resin

Resin Encapsulated Busbar (REB) range is a 1000 Volt, maintenance free and is IP rated, our busbar systems can be used in the Commercial buildings, petro-chemical, mining and in aggressive environments, the product is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

The conductor is available in aluminium or copper and is totally encapsulated in a fire retardant, self-extinguishing and homogenous polymer concrete guaranteeing high resistance to fire, water, moisture, mechanical loads, chemicals and extreme temperature conditions.

The range is available from 300A to 6300A, available with multiple configurations to suit project requirements, including neutral, double neutral, and earth.

Sandwich Type Busbar System (STBS) – LV

Compliance of standard IEC61439 (1&6)
Conductor Material & Ratings
  • Copper 630A-6300A
  • Aluminium 400A-5000A
  • 3 Phase + Integral Ground Earth
  • 3 Phase + 100% Neutral+ Integral Ground Earth
  • 3 Phase + 100% Neutral+ 50% Internal Earth +Integral Ground Earth
Busbar Configuration
  • 3 Phase + 100% Neutral+100% Internal Earth+ Integral Ground Earth
  • 3 Phase + 200% Neutral+ Integral Ground Earth

Metal Enclosed Busbar System (MEB)

The Metal-Enclosed Low and Medium Voltage Busbar system offers many advantages that include: Modular frame arrangements Optional barriers for increased personnel protection Efficient and flexible designs Standard connections to a full range of Switchgear and Transformer products.

Water-cooled Cables and Flexibles

General Features

The electric arc furnace secondary electrical circuit consists of several components including the delta closure secondary circuit, water cooled cables, electrode arms, and the electrodes.

The water cooled cables are the only flexible part of the secondary electrical system. These allow for raising, lowering and swinging of the electrodes.Furnaces often operate with between two and four cables per phase.The water cooled cable generally consists of multiple copper wire strands which are attached to copper terminals at either end of the cable.The copper cable is covered with a special rubber hose which is secured at the terminals with nonmagnetic stainless steel bands.

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