The Metal-Enclosed Low and Medium Voltage Busbar system offers many advantages that include: Modular frame arrangements Optional barriers for increased personnel protection Efficient and flexible designs Standard connections to a full range of Switchgear and Transformer products.

The demand for the economical and efficient distribution of electric power for business and industrial applications continues to grow. Our Bus Duct has a very compact design and uses an effective heat-radiating aluminium housing profile, sandwich construction which allows for easier installation and maintenance, the casing also acts as an earth and is available with a choice of ingress protection ratings from IP55 to IP67.

Our Bus Duct can carry from 160A up to 7500A with reduced loss. It is ideal for both high-rise buildings and industrial applications. The simplified design of the Bus Duct system allows for easy routing, extension, relocation, replacement and maintenance of power loads.

Because of the extremely low impedance, the resultant voltage drop is also low.

The effective design allows power to be delivered with the greatest possible efficiency and our Bus Duct also has a very high short-circuit with stand strength.

Busbar Installations also offer an optional intelligent/conventional temperature monitoring system and is used to measure real time temperature conditions.