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Copper Busbar

Busbar Installations is an industry leader in fabricated copper bus bars and copper bus bar systems including a complete line of high current secondary AC and DC custom copper bus bars used for bus ducts, grounding and industrial applications.
Copper Busbar Machining Capabilities

Our copper busbar fabrication engineers can help you choose the right type of copper and the best way to custom manufacture it to meet the most demanding applications.

We provide precision milled assemblies to high volume punched and stamped components. Our advanced CNC, CAM and Solid Works technologies enable us to maintain tight control over quality to fit our customers’ exact specifications or to OEM specifications.

All copper busbar manufacturing activities meet ISO 9001 standards.

Copper Busbar Specifications and Features


Copper Alloys

  • C11000, Electrolytic Tough Pitch Copper (ETP)
  • C10100 and C10200, Oxygen Free Coppers (OFHC)
  • C12200, Phosphorous Deoxidized Copper (DHP)
  • C18200, Chromium Copper, Class II
  • C17510, Beryllium Copper, Class III

Copper Busbar Plating Options

  • Silver, Tin, Gold or Nickel

Copper Busbar Insulation Options

  • Heat Shrink, Powder Coat, Epoxy coat, Plastisol Coat

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